Fellowship for Emerging Race & Gender Equality Leaders

Echoing Green works to catalyze the ability of emerging race and gender equality leaders to impact the world and drive social progress further, faster. Our fellows are innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels who drive positive social change in the lives of people of all sexual orientation and ethnic backgrounds around the world. They are activists and policymakers working to eliminate racism and address the needs of women and the LGBTQ community. They not only shed light on equity issues, but have developed bold, innovative and practical solutions to create change. Echoing Green fellows are committed to standing up and speaking out for social justice, helping both local and global communities.

Funding, Grants and Support for Race, Gender & LGBTQ Activists

We believe investing in and supporting the right people, with the right ideas and the ability to execute, results in a lifetime of leadership. Since 1987, more than 700 emerging leaders of positive social change have been welcomed into our community of Fellows.

Are you ready to join our community? 

Echoing Green helps leaders in the field of race and gender equality and related disciplines with a high level of passion and energy find seed-stage funding and strategic foundational support.

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T. Morgan Dixon


Kalimah Priforce

Qeyno Labs

R. Bradley Sears

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