Fellowship for Human Rights Leaders

Echoing Green works to catalyze the ability of emerging human rights leaders to impact the world and drive social progress further, faster. All people are entitled to basic human rights regardless of nationality, gender, ethnicity, race, religion, language, or other status. Our fellows are innovators, instigators, pioneers, and rebels who protect the universal and inalienable rights of all world citizens. We are looking for champions of human rights to join our robust, active community of leaders, creating social change all over the world. Join us if:

  • Purpose and passion drive you. You and your organization fight to end injustice and human rights violations.
  • Social entrepreneurship is tough, but you're tougher. Your solutions are innovative and practical, fueling meaningful social justice reform.
  • You understand the responsibility of being the CEO. You know a solid start-up plan, including a budget, timeline, and staffing, are needed to support your vision for justice.
  • You inspire others to action. People follow you because they believe in your ability to impact many lives and bring about justice for an entire community.

Funding, Grants and Support for Social Justice Leaders

We believe investing in and supporting the right people, with the right ideas and the ability to execute, results in a lifetime of leadership. Since 1987, more than 700 emerging leaders of positive social change have been welcomed into our community of Fellows. Echoing Green helps justice and human rights leaders through seed-stage funding and strategic foundational support.

Are you ready to join our community of leaders?

Learn more about justice and human rights leaders and activists supported by Echoing Green.

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Mothers Against Police Brutality

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