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Tumwebaze Khamutima

2016 Global Fellow
Founder of Young Farmers Champions Network

Tumwebaze Khamutima 2016 Global Fellow

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Expand employment opportunities for youth and ensure food security in Uganda by attracting young people into commercial farming.


Tumwebaze Khamutima, founder and executive director of the Young Farmers Champions Network. Photo courtesy of the Young Farmers Champions Network.


The Young Farmers Champions Network (YOFCHAN) is an umbrella organization for youth in agriculture in Uganda. Its mandate is to lobby and advocate for an enabling environment that promotes youth engagement in agriculture as a business. YOFCHAN focuses on lobby and advocacy for youth inclusion in the agricultural sector policies and agribusiness development of young farmers’ enterprises. To achieve this, YOFCHAN organizes platforms that bring the young farmers and policy makers together to discuss issues affecting youth in agriculture and builds their capacity to engage in agriculture as a business. YOFCHAN’s ultimate goal is to improve youth livelihoods through agriculture.


Tumwebaze Khamutima is founder and executive director of the Young Farmers Champions Network, an umbrella organization of youth in agriculture in Uganda that was formed to address youth challenges in agriculture, such as limited access to land, finance, markets, and information. After finishing his studies in 2012, he joined his parents back in his village Nyeibingo, Kebisoni, Rukungiri district, where he established a coffee nursery bed as his first business. His passion for agriculture and belief in teamwork, knowledge, and idea sharing for the good of his community made him mobilize fellow young farmers into a coalition in 2014 and now the Young Farmers Champions Network (YOFCHAN) as a solution to youth challenges in agriculture. He holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Makerere University. He is also a member of the technical working group on the youth in agriculture employment strategy being developed by Uganda’s Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries.

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