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Jon Kornik

2017 Climate Fellow
Founder of Plentify

Jon Kornik 2017 Climate Fellow

Bold Idea 

Build sustainable, intelligent African cities one home at a time by providing reliable internet-connected energy, water and waste services more affordably than the grid.


Plentify provides reliable and sustainable energy, water, and waste services to grid-connected African households more affordably than the grid. Plentify pays the cost of installing infrastructure in homes that can provide these services onsite, use Internet-connected technology to intelligently minimize operating costs, and share the savings with our users. As this connected web of devices grows, it will act as a source of flexibility for grid, making the whole system more resilient and benefiting not only our customers, but everyone who flocks to African cities in search of a better life.


Jon Kornik is the founder and CEO of Plentify, which provides reliable and sustainable energy, water, and waste services to African households more affordably than the grid. Jon believes that improving the resilience of cities is key to minimizing catastrophic human costs of climate change, and a new model for utilities is needed to support this. He has spent his career applying innovations in finance, technology and business models to address clean energy in Africa. Most recently, he led Google's clean energy efforts in Africa, funding the largest wind and solar PV farms on the continent and developing products to expand energy access. Previously he worked for McKinsey, ran the African office of a multinational carbon finance firm, and consulted independently on energy and sustainability issues to clients including the South African government, Nike and Intel. Jon has a master's in Business Administration from Columbia University, a master's in Finance from the University of Cape Town, is a Feldberg Fellow and an Archbishop Tutu Leadership Fellow.

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